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Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

Women’s business ownership, especially among women of color, is the fastest growing segment of our economy: Women are starting small businesses at a higher rate than men, and their businesses are generating jobs and business revenues above the national average. Equity investments in women-owned businesses perform better than male-owned businesses, and female business owners reinvest profits back in their communities at higher rates than men. Supporting female entrepreneurs, particularly women of color, will unlock tremendous growth for their women and their communities, and our economy as a whole.

Despite progress among women business owners, the playing field for women remains far from level. In fact, women-owned businesses make only about 25 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. Many factors continue to work against women entrepreneurs, among them less access to capital, fewer assets to use as collateral at start-up, fewer angel investors and venture captialists willing to take a risk on them and a lack of networks and mentors. Working women are greatly impacted by a lack of policies that promote their economic security, such as paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, retirement benefits and affordable child care, and many of these factors play out in unique ways for women entrepreneurs. That’s why Small Business Majority feels it’s critical we do everything we can to support women’s entrepreneurship. 

Introducing the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

Small Business Majority launched its Women’s Entrepreneurship Program to address the specific needs and resources of female small business owners. Through our online education portal and in-person events and resource partnerships, Small Business Majority is providing women entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need to succeed. Topics covered by the program include access to capital and responsible lending, mentorship, networking, healthcare, retirement security and wealth building. 

We’ll be expanding these resources, so check back regularly for more tips, advice and event opportunities near you.

Want to learn more?

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We offer in-person workshops and free online presentations throughout the country to help women start a business, access capital, build wealth, navigate health benefits and much more. Find an event near you.