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Getting Started

With so many retirement options available to your business, where do you get started? What product is best for you? Follow this checklist to decide.

With the challenges in retirement and the complexity of the plans out there that make offering retirement plans a chore, why would a small business owner want to provide retirement benefits? Let's study the issue, starting with the reasons small business owners say that they don't currently offer plans.

There are two broad categories that retirement plans fall into, the defined benefit plan--think pensions--and the defined contribution plan--think 401(k). These are fundamentally different approaches to retirement planning for businesses. Here are the details »

By gaining a solid understanding of basic plan design principles and parameters, you will be better positioned to offer up ideas on ways to effectively manage plan costs.

As you meet with prospective providers, it’s important to understand what types of services are offered and how the provider is compensated. Here is a checklist of questions you should ask »

Find more information on state-run plans and national resources.