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Por qué debería separar sus finanzas personales y comerciales

Cuando navega por el financiamiento comercial, puede ser tentador usar sus finanzas personales para ayudar cuando su negocio necesita un impulso, pero esa no siempre es la mejor solución a largo plazo. Separar sus finanzas personales y comerciales puede ayudar a garantizar que trate su negocio como la entidad independiente que es, al mismo tiempo que resguarda sus finanzas personales.

¿Por qué es tan importante separar sus finanzas?

Tarjeta de Crédito Comercial

Aunque no se trata de un “préstamo” en el sentido tradicional, una tarjeta de crédito comercial puede ayudarte a obtener financiamiento sin que tengas que pasar por el proceso agobiante de obtener una aprobación de préstamo.

Las tarjetas de crédito comercial son una opción popular entre los empresarios con un historial comercial limitado que no califican para financiamiento a bajo costo tal como las líneas de crédito bancarias. El 65% de los pequeños negocios los usan regularmente. Las tarjetas de crédito comercial, al igual que las tarjetas de crédito personal, proveen una línea de crédito rotativo que puedes usar para los gastos de tu negocio. Una tarjeta de crédito para tu negocio no debe estar ligada a tu crédito personal, porque llegar al límite de tus tarjetas de crédito personal para los gastos de tu negocio puede arruinar tu puntaje de crédito personal. Pero si pagas tus cuentas a tiempo, las tarjetas de crédito comercial pueden ayudarte efectivamente a establecer un perfil de crédito comercial. La mayoría de las compañías principales de tarjetas de crédito tienen opciones de tarjetas de crédito comercial.

Credit Score Requirements: 
Loan Wait Times: 
Interest Rates: 
Vista Rápida
  • Normas de aprobación menos estrictas
  • Plazo de procesamiento rápido
  • Recompensas tales como reembolsos en efectivo o una tasa de interés preliminar de 0% 
  • Los intereses pagados pueden deducirse de los impuestos (al contrario de las tarjetas personales)
  • Puede ayudar a elevar el puntaje de crédito comercial
  • Se puede usar para cualquier necesidad de la empresa
  • No requiere garantía
Things to consider: 
  • Tasas de interés más altas que las líneas de crédito bancarias (13% – 25%)
  • Tasas de interés variables que pueden subir
  • Puede tener una tarifa anual 
  • Monto de fondos limitado (máximo de $20,000 usualmente)

Business Credit Card

Though not necessarily a “loan” in the traditional sense, a business credit card can help you obtain financing without the hefty process of loan approval.

Business credit cards are a popular choice among entrepreneurs who have limited business history and don’t qualify for lower-cost financing, such as bank lines of credit. 65% of small businesses use them on a regular basis. Business credit cards, like personal credit cards, provide a revolving line of credit that you use for business expenses. A business credit card should not be tied to your personal credit – because maxing out personal credit cards for business expenses can kill your personal credit scores. But if you pay your bills on time, business credit cards can actually help build your business credit profile. Most major credit card companies provide business credit card options.

Credit Score Requirements: 
Loan Wait Times: 
Interest Rates: 
Quick Overview
  • Less stringent approval criteria
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rewards like cash back or 0% intro. interest rate
  • Interest paid may be tax deductible (unlike personal cards)
  • May help build business credit score
  • Can use for any business need
  • No collateral required
Things to consider: 
  • Higher interest rates than bank credit lines (13% – 25%)
  • Variable interest rates could move higher
  • May have annual fee
  • Limited funding amount (max usually $20,000)

Why You Should Separate Your Personal & Business Finances

As you navigate business financing, it may be tempting to use your personal finances to help out when your business needs a boost, but that is not always the best solution in the long run. Separating your personal and business finances can help ensure you treat your business like the independent entity it is, while safeguarding your personal finances.

Chase has debuted a new card aimed at small businesses

Chase has debuted a new card tailored to small businesses called the Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card. Businesses that use the card can earn three points per dollar on the first $150,000 they spend each account anniversary year. The points accumulate for expenses related to travel, shipping, advertising on search engines and social media, and on Internet, cable, and phone services.

8 Steps To Wisely Financing A Business with A Credit Card

Conventional wisdom says not to finance your business with a credit card. But times are changing, and credit cards have become a useful part of launching a startup business. In fact, credit cards are ranked as the third most popular source of cash for small businesses, right after bank loans and the business’s revenue itself.

So how can you make sure to use credit cards the right way to finance your business?

Review of Small Business Lending Marketplaces Fundera & Lendio

Fundera and Lendio are two online marketplaces that aim to simplify the business financing process by cutting down the search and wait time associated with finding a small business loan. Online marketplaces allow business owners to comparison shop for credit from a variety of lenders, including short-term and long-term loans, equipment financing, invoice factoring, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, and more.

What is a Secured Credit Card?

For many businesses, credit cards are an essential part of your business activities. They can help you build your credit and obtain the assets you need to properly run your business. Unfortunately, bad or non-existent credit may make it difficult to be approved for a credit card. If you are looking to establish or rebuild your credit, a secured credit card can represent a viable option.