Mentoring and networking

6 Surprising Statistics About Benefits Employees Want

This post originally appeared on the blog of our partner, Justworks.

It should go without saying that most job seekers want a quality benefits package to pair with their job offer. But which employee benefits are the most desired, and how can your company keep pace with the bigger guys?

Justworks conducted an original study* to answer that question.

Below, find out about the gaps between what employers offer and what prospective employees want — and the big opportunities available to growing businesses.

How to make the most of your relationship with your mentor or mentee

As a small business owner, your relationships with your community and your peers are essential to your success. Your fellow business owners can provide much needed support and advice as you grow your small business. This is why many new entrepreneurs turn to a mentor who has already paved their own path. But, a successful mentorship takes effort. Here are some tips on how to have a successful mentor-mentee relationship.  

Female Founder Speaker Series: Interview with Remy Meraz, founder of Me Tyme Network

Small Business Majority's Deputy California Director Xiomara Peña spoke with Remy Meraz, founder of Me Tyme Network, to discuss her story and lessons she learned along the way as she built her business. Me Tyme Network produces video content aimed at "helping people think, feel and work better." Listen to Remy share what inspired her to become an entrepreneur, how she's navigated funding challenges, the resources she's relied on to grow her business and more!

¿Por qué debería tener un mentor?

Le apasiona su negocio y le encanta lo que hace, pero el funcionamiento diario de un negocio es difícil. También puede ser un trabajo solitario, con el estrés de la nómina, los clientes y las decisiones sobre los siguientes pasos. Una de las mejores maneras de ayudarse a sí mismo y a su negocio es conseguir que un mentor de negocios, alguien que sepa del asunto y lo haya hecho, sea su apoyo. 

Establecimiento de contactos para propietarios de pequeñas empresas

El establecimiento de contactos es vital para la mayoría de las pequeñas empresas. No hay nada que fomente tanto la confianza como hablar con alguien cara a cara. Le da la oportunidad de desarrollar una conexión personal con la otra persona, así como explorar áreas potenciales de colaboración o identificar una necesidad que su empresa puede satisfacer.