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Workplace Wellness Challenge

Workplace wellness programs make for healthier employees and communities, which in turn have shown a direct correlation to increased productivity and employee retention—two components of maintaining a profitable and successful business. However, most small businesses do not have the time or resources to implement workplace wellness programs. In order to help more Missouri employers offer these programs, Small Business Majority hosted the Healthy Business, Healthy Community Workplace Wellness Challenge this summer for small businesses in southwest Missouri and the St. Louis region.

This community-based competition launched on May 15, 2017 and ran for eight weeks. The goal of the Wellness Challenge was to help employers promote healthier habits in the workplace, all while participating in fun activities and connecting with other small businesses in the area.

And although the Challenge has ended, it’s not too late for you to start a workplace wellness program! Our Wellness Resource Portal has a comprehensive toolkit and how to guides, educational events, and plenty of other resources to make it simple and inexpensive to start a program at your small business.

How did the Wellness Challenge work?

Small Business Majority partnered with Wellable, a new fitness and nutrition-tracking program to help Missouri small businesses engage in workplace wellness activities. The Wellness Challenge allowed small businesses to offer wellness programs through Wellable’s platform for FREE. Each team earned and tracked points through the platform with the following activities:

  • Steps or distance tracking
  • Daily Challenges—This feature provides a menu of options that encourage healthy habits, like staying hydrated, getting enough sleep or avoiding sugary drinks.
  • Add Activity—Earn points for participating in activities like running, yoga, swimming and more.  
  • Special Activity—Get rewarded for eating healthy meals and snacks.

Small businesses in southwest Missouri competed against businesses in the St. Louis region based on team averages to win special prizes, which were awarded at the end of the competition and provided by local sponsors. Participants were able to connect with other members of their team through Wellable or at local wellness-related special events hosted by Small Business Majority.

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