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Healthcare Education and Enrollment

Securing quality, affordable health coverage for yourself and/or your employees is a big decision. There are myriad considerations you have to take into account, from plan type to provider, not to mention that little issue of cost. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it: health insurance isn’t cheap. However, the Affordable Care Act includes provisions aimed at helping small business owners better afford coverage. But what does the healthcare law mean for small business owners trying to decide whether to offer insurance, and under the law, are you even required to do so?

Small Business Majority offers a host of resources aimed at helping small business owners understand the healthcare landscape. Our Health Coverage Guide provides objective information on how to decide if offering insurance is right for your business and what the requirements are for you, if any, under the Affordable Care Act. We host in-person and online seminars, both nationally and in states across the country, explaining the healthcare system from the small business perspective.

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Health Coverage Guide

Everything small business owners and their advisors need to know about offering health insurance. An unbiased resource on cost estimates, tax savings, coverage options, legal rights, and more.

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Fact Sheets

The highlights on how the Affordable Care Act impacts small business owners. We drill down into how the law impacts women business owners, young entrepreneurs, LGBT individuals, Latino or African American business owners and more.

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Policy Recommendations

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, there are things that can be fixed to help small business owners.

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What do real small business owners think about the healthcare system and the Affordable Care Act in particular? Their answers might surprise you.

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