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Who Can Help

Need assistance understanding loan paperwork requirements or getting your financial house in order? These groups, many of which offer their services for free or low cost, can help.

SimpleGrowth is an online lending marketplace that connects Chicagoland small businesses to local lenders and business assistance centers. The goal of SimpleGrowth is to provide both education and support to business owners all on one simple platform.

State: IL

The Small Business Empowerment Center (SBEC) offers one-to-one business counseling for individuals interested in starting, expanding or improving a business. The SBEC offer regularly scheduled business training classes, access to lending programs and other specialized business assistance. The SBEC's technical assistance partners can help urban entrepreneurs with business coaching, micro enterprise development, SBA 8a certification, SBA's Women Owned Business Contracting Program and access to capital.

State: MO

At Start Small Think Big (“Start Small”), we believe that access to high-quality legal, financial management, and marketing services is an essential part of starting or growing a successful small business, especially for small businesses owners who are currently lower income. We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on pairing entrepreneurs positioned to grow their businesses with top pro bono attorneys and financial and marketing experts. Our thoughtful and highly curated blend of one-on-one legal, financial management, and marketing services equips businesses with a solid foundation on which to create jobs and build wealth through entrepreneurship.

State: CA

The mission of Stockton Impact Corps is to act as a catalyst mobilizing community assets to create economic opportunity in Stockton. To achieve our mission, Stockton Impact Corps offers business owners small business development training and micro-loans. These loans will provide entrepreneurs with initial capital to get their business started; during the repayment of the loan, Stockton Impact Corps will work with loan recipients to prepare them for more traditional borrowing from a financial institution. We believe that financial stability is attained through the combination of knowledge, opportunity, and access to capital; by offering these services, the organization will be able to have a traceable impact on Stockton, providing more economic stimulation.

State: CA

Sunshine Enterprises (SE) launched in 2012 to begin the work of training and equipping neighborhood-based entrepreneurs in business management and development. In line with the vision to help seek community renewal, the mission of SE is to start and grow 200 businesses in Woodlawn and expand throughout the south and west sides of Chicago.

State: IL