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Entice Your Employees To Join

Now that you have a program, how do you entice your employees to join?

It is extremely important to focus on this portion of your wellness program. Your business may have a great idea, provide key fitness and nutritional activities and create robust policies, but all of that will be for nothing if you do not have strong employee participation. Keep in mind that a 50-60% participation rate is typical for companies with “state of the art” wellness programs.

There are keys to improving employee participation in wellness programs, and it starts with each individual’s willingness—and readiness—to make healthy changes. According to experts, people typically go through several stages when facing lifestyle changes:

  • Awareness of the need to change
  • Desire to participate and make the change
  • Knowledge of how to participate in activities
  • Ability to participate in the activities
  • Sustained reinforcement of the program and the program initiatives

In order to maximize individual willingness, you should focus on three key organizational factors. These factors have the ability to ultimately influence and drive your employee’s participation and the length of time they stay involved.

Once you have these three key factors in place, focus on keeping the momentum going. Here are a few tips to keep your employees involved in your wellness program:

  • Share success stories.
  • Remind people of the benefits of the program.
  • Make it easy to be involved in the program.
  • Provide incentives to encourage participation.

Legal Guide and Considerations

Workplace wellness programs must be voluntary, non-discriminatory, be reasonably likely to promote health or prevent disease and protect the confidential health information of their employees. Small Business Majority encourages you to have your attorney review any new policies and programs you are considering implementing.